Whatever the theme or purpose of your event, a Naked Butler Boy can help to make it a memorable one. Your butler will be happy to help out with any task, from greeting guests to tending bar, serving food to organising party games

Birthday Party

If a milestone birthday is approaching, a Naked Butler Boy can help to soften the blow with his skill at keeping the alcohol flowing

Hen Patry

Make your hen party one to remember with a Naked Butler Boy organising games and making sure everyone’s looked after. No one will feel left out as our butlers help to make sure everyone joins in the fun.

Baby Shower

A Naked Butler Boy will add an unexpected twist to any baby shower! From hosting games to pouring the tea, he’ll make sure your baby shower is the one to live up to.

Charity Events

Your charity events will be a huge success with our Naked Butler Boys helping to persuade your guests to part with their hard-earned cash. Whether it’s a charity auction or a black-tie ball, our butlers will ensure that everyone goes home happy.

Launch Party

If you’re launching a new venue, hiring a Naked Butler will help your event stand out from the rest. He’ll make sure everyone feels like the guest of honour, helping to ensure great coverage for your venue after the launch.

Divorce Shower

Celebrate your new-found freedom by hiring a Naked Butler to wait on you hand and foot at your divorce shower. You’ll feel like a princess as your every whim is instantly satisfied.

Cocktail Party

Add a little elegance to your cocktail party with a Naked Butler Boy in apron and black tie! Sophisticated cocktails served in style will make sure every guest enjoys their evening – including the host.

Corporate Events

Treat your employees and shareholders to a memorable event by having a Naked Butler serve the food and drinks. Everyone will feel well-looked-after, with a waiter tending to their every need.

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